12.12.2018 12:41 GMT+1
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Something for the "Big Game Hunters"

Ethereum downfall has opened an ideal opportunity for KELTA investments.

 I would really love to hear the opinions of our precious KELTA members on the actual state of the Cryptocurrency market. I believe that everyone has already noticed the downfall of many Cryptoscurrencies. My question however is, how do you think this will affect KELTA and its members in general?

 Let me start by saying that this is a really unique position for everyone that looks for the opening for the "most interesting" investment. Simply look at the price of KELTA utility tokens in relation to the price of the Ethereum. The current level of Ethereum is ideal to go for utility tokens. If you decided to hold ETH in your pocket, why not make some passive income out of it in the meantime? For the ones that are easier to be scared it is a perfect chance to "save" the current value of their ETH in KELTA.

 How many of you have already heard about someone that just stopped mining with their own rigs, asics, machines? The truth is that this behavior is very interesting to watch. Many people would like to participate in the mining, but they simply do not see the big picture. It is very rewarding to stay connected in your pool while there are unique opportunities like this one. Let this simple fact speak to you. You can gain more than +80% of your current reward shares by simply being patient and not making hasty decisions.

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