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Why is KELTA Different From other Data Centers?

We offer three exceptional things that you may not find in other data centers; efficiency, security, and accessibility.

With a liquid immersion cooling system, a state of the art tier-3 security level building, and user-friendly mobile application, we’re ready to offer excellent computing capabilities at affordable rates.

We are a member of the AGEM DATA family, which is a group of companies that provides computing power and the actual vendor of the KLT token. Our facility is located in a serene environment with affordable electricity, access to advanced internet services, and a well-trained tech community.

Our cutting-edge liquid cooling system will last longer than 50 years, so KTL token holders have no reason to panic, as they will have access to the data center and computing power for that period. To reduce operational costs, KELTA uses its own patented direct flow technology to help circulate the liquid coolant through a sealed server chassis. The fluid flows through the system to stabilize and cool down the components. Unlike other data centers that uses fans, the KELTA system has no moving parts within the premises. Only the central pumps are located in the mechanical room to help direct the movement of the liquid coolant.

To ensure the Tokens are secure, the funds collected during the token sale will be kept in a special fund for future use. Our data center is also secure and accessible through a single main gate that is heavily monitored throughout.

Above all, the KELTA data center is truly a one-of-a-kind, with loads of features to provide enough computing power to be used by cryptocurrency miners, scientists, and any other individual who needs to use it to generate income.

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