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What Investors Stand To Gain

The KELTA data center has a lot in store for investors. By subscribing to the platform, users will access scientific research, mining networks and token rentals.

As a highly efficient and alternative for cryptocurrency mining centers, investors willing to buy tokens will do so at a relatively low cost compared to other facilities.

The KLT token can be acquired through the website or app, in exchange for ETH or other cryptocurrencies. The transfer is quick and simple using the ETH wallet that is accessible on KELTA’s application either on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Holders of KLT tokens can rent out their tokens and computing power to other platform users for a minimum period of one month. Owners of the KLT tokens who rent out their tokens will receive a 6 percent rental reward every year but the percentage is subject to change. Investors who rent out their tokens are guaranteed of the reward and the company will ensure that the transaction is successful between users.

It’s important to note that the KTL token distribution is being done on a “first come first serve“ basis. This means that the earlier you buy your token, the earlier you receive it. These tokens are available for early purchasers seven days after the end of the ICO. This is done at the end of the construction phase of the data center. After this phase, all the tokens in distribution are considered rented tokens. KELTA issues a 6 percent p.a. weekly reward payment to the token owners without fail.

Tokens are now open for sale for the next few weeks, up to May 21th, 2018. Anyone willing to invest their money can simply contact the KELTA team to begin the process.

It’s not too late to take advantage of this rare opportunity!

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