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Weekly Crypto News 17.01.2020

This week in crypto: BTC donations are on for Australian bushfires, crypto booking service gets 33% boost after partnership with Booking.com and Burger King Venezuela starts bitcoin payments

BTC donations are on for Australian bushfires

Bitcoin donations are now accepted while the wildfires are raging in Australia. Addresses have been opened for immediate borderless relief. Saunders announced the Bitcoin wallet address through which people can donate on Twitter.

The fires in Australia are the greatest forest fire crisis in history, which brings damage to both residential and wildfires. Australia is home to a very diverse wildlife, which means the crisis can affect the whole world due to the loss of animal populations.

As soon as the hashtag #AustraliaBurn was spread in the cryptocurrency community, and the Bitcoin donation address was opened, about 0.26 BTC was collected.

There have been many projects opening Bitcoin donations. Over the past year, the whole crypto community has joined their efforts to fight climate change with their contributions. Opening a Bitcoin donation address saves people from the trouble of going through an intermediary.

Crypto booking service gets 33% boost after partnership with Booking.com

Cryptocurrency-accepting booking service Travala has had its revenue for December go up by over 33.5% following a partnership with Booking.com.

Over 9% of December’s bookings were paid in Travala’s proprietary token, AVA, and, 28% of them were paid in Bitcoin (BTC), 8% in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), 37% with credit card and PayPal while the rest with other crypto assets. Overall, over 60% of the total bookings were paid for in crypto.

In November, Travala partnered with the giant Booking.com. Since the collaboration began, the service started allowing its users to book any stay on Booking.com and pay with cryptocurrency.

The tourism and travel industry is increasingly accepting cryptocurrency. In November, Alternative Airlines, a travel company from the United Kingdom, started a cooperation with cryptocurrency service Utrust to enable crypto payments, and last summer the Scandinavian airline Norwegian Air announced that the company plans to launch its own cryptocurrency exchange to facilitate the airline’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Burger King Venezuela starts bitcoin payments

Burger King is letting people pay their meals in Venezuela with a new bitcoin partnership that enables payments with cryptocurrencies. One Burger King in the Sambil area of Caracas accepts coin payments from bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Dash and the stablecoin Tether. It is expected that all 40 Burger King locations throughout Venezuela would start to accept coins in 2020, as it provides a more reliable alternative payment method and store of value.

The Venezuela-backed cryptocurrency Petro is still the only currency accepted for passports and other citizens’ needs.

Bitcoin trials have failed with Burger King in Russia and Europe in the past. Its 2017 loyalty program — “Whoppercoin” — never really took off. Cryptocurrency acceptance across retailers in Latin America has also remained low.

However, in May, major retailers — such as Crate and Barrel, Nordstrom and WholeFoods — started accepting bitcoin and three other kinds of digital money in the U.S. 

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Nevena Bjelic
Nevena Bjelic