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Vote or not to vote, that is not the question here.

KELTA once again proved that her sleeves are full of surprises. On July 4th, 2018 KELTA telegram group started to promote a voting for KELTA crypto exchange. 

The unpredicted fact for me is not the voting itself but the fact that KELTA has been listed as one of the exchange choice options. I know that KELTA project is in a very healthy state because that is the only possible way it can challenge titans like HITBTC or BITTREX. I personally think that this is a very clever move to connect with members through a voting system that is actually uncovering something new about the project. I already voted for my personal pick and now I just hope for the large amount of votes so we can truly see the winner. 

The main purpose of exchange is clear and I believe the most important functionality that project KELTA is missing is the one that we are after right now. Simply put we need an option to buy and sell the KELTA tokens ONLINE. People get often stuck in a thinking of benefits and negatives of certain exchange provider but they do not realize that KELTA is young project and it needs to start somewhere. There is enough of proof already that there will be an option to exchange KELTA tokens for ETHEREUM in KELTA mining application internally.

 I somehow feel the need to say that we only started with recognizing the KELTA tokens for what they truly are. I noticed that our community members often skip this fact. KELTA token is Utility token and therefore not exactly suited for the exchange purposes. This tokens are made for one unique purpose and that is to obtain a certain amount of Watts for various purposes. 

Just a little note at the end, that I am very interested in seeing what the man at the wheel has to say at the end of votes.

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