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The style of the F1 has changed

We all love super shiny and strong cars. There is probably no person in the world, who wouldn't see Formula 1 at least once in life. A strong sound of motors, adrenaline associated with racers as well as some status of luxury and prestige is attracting enthusiasts from small boys to men in their "best age". Even celebrities are not an exception, they come to enjoy the special atmosphere of the Grand Prix and celebrate the victory of the best racer. Over the recent years, with the arrival of ´online´ and blockchain technologies, the style of the F1 has changed. Thus, the adrenaline is accessible to everybody.

For the last 29 years, Formula 1 has been linked with, maybe the best presenter of Germany, Kai Ebel, the charming personality brimming with humour and a full ´dose´ of optimism.

Me: Please, tell me Kai, how long have you been a presenter of F1? Your persona is just naturally linked to racetracks and racers, I think you probably must have interviewed everyone, right?

Kai: Haha, indeed, it's been an awfully long time that people perceive me as a part of F1, I just simply know there everybody. I started as a sports editor, later I moved to F1. I am in RTL since 1988. The beginnings were a bit tough and funny, I tend to reminisce on it , I was persistent and ambitious, I loved this work ... As soon as I noticed somebody important or famous, I ran over to him/her with an already prepared question. It was as if it popped up in my head, just like that, and public figures, despite the differences in status, gave me an answer every time, we even became friends. With many, up until today.  I would really say that the last 29 years have been like a roller-coaster ride...laughter. And by this ride, you change hotels, flights, suits, you ´wear´ a smiley face and you are never tired. And as a presenter, you need to constantly educate yourself. Maybe it doesn't seem that way, but a presenter has to know everything about the cars, racers, tyres, news and famous people.

Me: What is your take on the online races of F1, these were especially popular during the corona period. Also, there are rumors regarding the entry of the Blockchain technology into the world of F1. 

Kai: Do you mean paid broadcast? „yes.“ Online F1 games might be alright, but everything is about the purchasing power. There is a huge demand for online broadcasting in Great Britain, where there are a lot of F1 enthusiasts, but Germany is not interested in them. ...Formula 1 has always been connected with a strong experience and emotions, adrenaline, as well as business. With the entry of the online world and technology, we lose it all and get into this so-called ´insta world´. The online broadcast of the Grand Prix has been an alternative during the corona times, when many of the real Grand Prix have been cancelled, but this has nothing to do with a real sport. The online racers are maybe of interest in countries like: India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and in Asia in general, where they are used to it, but Europe is different, we need to hear a powerful engine, feel that strength and adrenaline, not to watch it online. More information about blockchain Kelta.com. 

,,At the time, both parties underscored the significant brand power of Formula 1 and the new licensing agreement’s potential to broaden consumer exposure to blockchain.

Animoca Brands has also entered into a licensing agreement with Atari — famous for being the developer of iconic video games such as Tetris and Pac Man.“Zdroj Cointelegraph. 

Me: So, what do you make of this natural connection and the arrival of blockchain technology in the F1 world?

Kai: I was close to one man who introduced me a bit to cryptocurrencies, but I was never 100% sure. We are in a new world, the economy is collapsing and it is better to take precautions. I’ll admit, I am in the blockchain halfway already, one foot in, I want security, and not wish to have all my savings in the bank. We will see what the whole financial world will do, it's good to have an alternative but I don't think that everything could be transformed to bitcoin. There is still a strong interest to own something that you can hold, real money. I think we are in complete control of the digital currency, where every transaction is recorded for. On the other hand we cannot rely solely on the savings in the bank, we have to move with the age. It is not 100% business for me, and there is something still missing. 

Me: How do you see the future of F1?

Kai: The chapter of RTL and Formula 1 is closed, RTL lost their broadcasting licence for F1 for the upcoming season. As we mentioned, everything changes. One chapter has come to an end a new one is opening the next year. Right now, I have many interviews, talk show offers, but just now I do have the possibility to spend quality time and have control of my life.  Formula 1 has been dominating my calendar for the last 29 years - I even had to book holidays squeezed in between two races of F1 ... but that’s the price of a Dreamliner.

.... Even such banality as choosing a pen was subject to the rules of sponsors. However, how will Formula1 change, I unfortunately cannot tell. Nevertheless, I am old school, I like simple and functional things of quality and Formula 1 is my great passion and a matter of heart. I have dedicated 32 years of my life to this passion, and have met many amazing people, millionaires, celebrities, I have wonderful relationships with them which I have built over the years and at the same time, I have a great respect for their work. I learned a lot from them and personally I admire them. I experienced wonderful moments here and found many friends.

Me: How do you perceive the celebrities from Instagram and F1? I saw this young woman from Australia who promotes the most luxurious cars in the world and lives in the UAE. How do you perceive the influencers in this world?

Kai: Influencers are everywhere, they are taking photos of everything and present themselves as celebrities and want to have everything free only because some people follow them. I like humble and polite people, but there are not many of them in the world nowadays.

„It's been a great pleasure to meet a man like Kai and to exchange experiences from this crazy business world. One eventually finds out that the importance in things like the smile of the beloved person, horse riding, or a banality like free choice of spending your time. Thank you, Kai.”   Ivana Vieriková 

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