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The KELTA Bounty Campaign

The KELTA team would like to reward the community for any work it does to promote the project. For this reason, we will offer a bounty program, where participants may carry out one or more activities, in any of 25 languages.

Those activities include:

Translation of the white paper, publishing the translation on a regional Bitcointalk thread, and moderation any discussion that arises. The translator would be responsible for answering questions regarding the document in their native language.

Translation of the official KELTA Bitcointalk thread, and posting it on the regional Bitcointalk forum. The translator would be responsible for translating updates and moderating any discussion on the thread in their native language.

Translation of the KELTA FAQ, and posting it to the regional Bitcointalk thread. The translator would be responsible for translating updates to the FAQ, as well as moderation of any discussion regarding that arises in their native language.

You may reserve the right to participate in all three of these activities. Priority will be given to bounty participants who reserve all three activities.

Each activity can only be implemented once. To check the status of activity reservations in various languages please click here.


- Native speaker of the target language.

- Fluent speaker of English.

- Bitcointalk account older than 1 year.

- At least 50 posts on Bitcointalk

- Blockchain expertise and experience with other bounty campaigns will give the candidate an edge over other applicants.

To apply to be an official participant of the KELTA bounty campaign, email the following information to launch@kelta.com

- Name

- E-mail

- Bitcointalk username and profile link

- Telegram username

- List of experience in the blockchain sphere

- Language and intended activity

Languages needed and Rewards:

Priority languages: White paper = 240 KLT; FAQ 100 KLT; Bitcointalk 360 KLT

- Chinese


- German

- Italian

- Japanese

- Polish

- Portuguese

- Russian

- Spanish

Desired languages: White paper = 120 KLT; FAQ 50 KLT; Bitcointalk 180 KLT

- Arabic

- Bulgarian

- Croatian

- Czech

- Dutch

- Greek

- Hebrew

- Hindi

- Indonesian

- Korean

- Malay

- Romanian

- Serbian

- Swedish

- Thai

- Turkish

- Vietnamese


- Payment shall only be in KLT tokens

- Bounty tokens will be distributed at the end of the token generation event.

- A disclaimer must be included at the beginning of the white paper, FAQ, or forum post, making clear that the translated version is in fact a translation, and that the English version is the only one with authority.

- Google Translate and other automatic translations tools are forbidden.

- The meaning of the original text shall not be tampered with.

- All updates to the various texts over the course of the ICO must be added by the translator.

- Questions posed on the various threads must be answered.

Source Documents

White Paper: 

FAQ: https://kelta.com/faq

Bitcointalk thread: 

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