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The Importance of Taking Advantage of KELTA ICO and Being a Part of It

If you haven’t already hopped onboard the KELTA ICO bandwagon, this is a fine time to do so.

The much anticipated KLT Token pre-sale has already kicked off with an attractive price of 1 KLT – 0.00495 ETH. This is around a 25 percent discount from the final price. The price is expected to grow with time, so there is no more perfect a time to buy the KLT token, like there is now. The KLT token distribution will be ending April 30th, 2018, but there will be a general token sale on April 2nd, 2018.

The KLT Token is emitted on the Ethereum blockchain network and the KLT team has created a user-friendly platform to help you access this one time opportunity. Remember, by buying a KLT token, you gain access to one watt of the KELTA data center capacity and receive the full benefits of using the KELTA platform.

This is what you also gain by owning KLT tokens:

·Consistent access to KLT’s data center for the next 50 years

·Unlimited access to the KELTA app which makes it easy for users to choose the cryptocurrency they want and begin mining. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the blockchain technology, our team will guide you on how to use the app.

·Full membership in a community of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.

·Ability to rent out KLT tokens to other users on the platform for a minimum period of one year.

With such unlimited benefits, you stand to gain even more with KLT tokens. But it’s important to note that access to data center capacity on KLT doesn’t mean ownership of that computing capacity, equipment involved, or any executive or administrative role for the token holder.

Don’t be left out. Buy your tokens now!

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