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The first step into the future of blockchain technology

After several years of hard work, the Slovak Blockchain Congress conference will take place in Slovakia. This conference is the first and the only of its kind in Slovakia.

After several years of hard work, the Slovak Blockchain Congress conference will take place in Slovakia. This conference is the first and the only of its kind in Slovakia. The event will begin on the 16th of November and will commence for two days, nearby Bratislava in the unique sports complex X-Bionic Šamorín. The organizer’s ambition is to fill up the conference with the participants from Slovakia and the Czech Republic in a total of 430 people. The conference will be available to the whole world online. Tickets will go into sale in October.

To some extent, blockchain technologies are still new to the society. For this reason, the conference will focus on the direct education of the public in the area of the blockchain technology, as well as recent news. Presentations regarding actual and functional projects, including the innovations in the field, will be also included in the conference.

SLOBLOCO also focuses on the topic of taxation, which is a serious and important issue in every country. There are numerous questions about taxation, which will be answered directly by an expert in the field. The talk will be also be about the legislation outside the Slovak republic, within Europe.

The next question is the security of the blockchain technology and its overall future, as well as development of the new and innovative projects, which will be presented by interesting speakers.

Mr. Ivan Miklos, the former Deputy Prime Minister & the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic. George Mac, CEO of Kelta Cube, Ing. Ina Kovacova Beckova PhD., CEO of ATLAS Group, and George Salapa, Co-founder of Bardicredit.

Presentations will focus on the benefit of investing in blockchain technologies and their possible interconnections with existing projects, such as the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. Topics will also cover their future in today’s world as well as their linking to new working projects and innovations in technology, Crypto ATMs, insurance and many other possibilities around the globe.

Access control as well as the safety of participants will be ensured by one of the Congress sponsors who has also been involved in the development of a Coronavirus vaccine. The resort offers variety of activities and sport facilities. On the first evening of the congress the conference team will present SLOBLOCO Movie Night. The event will feature a brand-new movie about the world of cryptocurrency trading called Crypto Heads.

The conference will be an interesting combination of current events as well as the future in the field of blockchain technologies. The organizers diversified the program with a number of leisure activities, dance party, and workshops with the speakers, where everyone can try out the products.

Finally, CEO of the Kelta Cube, who is also one of the main speakers, will reward the winners of the competition. Let’s get surprised.

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