27.8.2020 14:03 GMT+2
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The first KELTA crypto ATM in Slovakia

KELTA is incredibly pleased to announce to you, that its first cryptocurrency ATM has been successfully installed and is now available to all persons interested.

KELTA is incredibly pleased to announce to you, that its first cryptocurrency ATM has been successfully installed and is now available to all persons interested.

You can find the ATM at River park in Bratislava; the capital city of Slovak Republic and you can use it for both – deposits and withdrawals. It is to your disposal 24/7 and supports EUR and the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Zcash.

The maximum limit per transaction is 5 000 EUR.

To open the door to access the cryptocurrencies machine use any payment card.

ATM is located in an exclusive and accessible place next to the Danube River with parking available.

The manufacturer of the machine is the company Lamassu, one of the oldest producers of cryptomats and the third-largest worldwide.

We are very happy to bring another new tool and service to our KELTA users and we hope it will be of benefit to everyone.

You can find more information also here.

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