3.1.2019 10:43 GMT+1
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Starting with the 2019

First of all, let me thank you for the very fruitful year of 2018 and we wish you all only the best and record breaking year of 2019.

 We have all experienced the turbulent crypto movements for the last few months, but somebody is already swinging the magic wand. For example, look at the Ethereum crypto currency, i believe that this is not just a simple resistance or correction. I believe in the blockchain technology that is already implemented in project portfolio that consist of pure simplicity up to the high-end structures that are being developed by government infrastructure. For now I remain very optimistic for the Crypto universe itself.

 Kelta is as usually making changes to make herself better and better as promised. There are several key features that are still missing and we have already started to work on them. The big one indeed will be the possibility to purchase KELTA directly with your credit card. There has been a very high demand for this way of purchasing and therefore we have already started to make all the related preparations.

 Another significant tool for the ones that really like to invest their time into Crypto and benefit from it will be the whole new Affiliate system, that will allow you to have a complete overview of your own achievements. KELTA affiliate is set to operate with 15% revenue.

 One of the technical processes, the verifying of KYC is being updated to make it finish the task more quickly.

 We have been watching the Bitcoin Cash very closely for some time now and the decision has been made for KELTA to add Bitcoin Cash to the Cryptocurrency mining selection. We believe that it is now one of the most solid currencies in the Crypto sector.

 There are a lot more changes incoming and we want you to know that we see a lot of room for improvements. This is simply given by the quickly developing nature of the Cryptocurrency universe itself.

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