31.8.2018 12:26 GMT+2
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Optimized to the moon !

Our website is being tuned up to welcome all members right before putting her Computing Power into your hands.

 I already mentioned that in order to get through the process of connecting to your purchased power we will be solely using the Kelta website. Kelta mobile applications will follow up with the updates as soon as we are through the launching process.

 Our CEO George Mac is being active daily on our telegram group and always tries to listen to the reason. It is not always easy to understand or digest all of the spices that are presented in our daily portion of telegram communication. However this is the main reason of the changes that we made to the website now. One of the more important changes that have been pinpointed by Mr. George several times is missing the daily earnings of the Kelta. So we added the last 24 hour earnings of 1000 Kelta Utility tokens for better perspective. You can check the new optimized version of the www.kelta.com website right now !

 We are still updating Kelta accounts as well and I will keep you informed right after we are finished with this update.

If you want more information and stay in touch with Kelta daily, please feel free to join our official telegram group.

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