13.8.2018 15:08 GMT+2
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Nothing in life is free, unless it has no value!

 Have you noticed the blind arrogance of every self-presumed ICO specialist that wants to be heard on Kelta telegram group? Did you try to communicate with such a capacity? I can tell you from my experience that it is just a waste of time…

 I wanted to share with you the information that there is a lot of scam activity going on our telegram. Some people just try to take advantage of ICO projects no matter what and they do not care about the amount of damage they do. There is always a simple rule to obey just to avoid being a victim of such a negative impact. Simply do not give away your personal data and do not try to buy or sell tokens from an unverified source. We are simply warning you because once you get yourself in these kind of trouble there is almost no chance of getting your money or time back. 
We would love to handle a magic stick that will satisfy every wronged member, but we do not posses such a force.

 Second type of specialists are superior business beings that have already been in every kind of situation in every possible sector and probably knows outcome of taking any angle for delivering maximum possible satisfaction. I simply do not understand in all your might, why do you even bother by wasting your precious time with our little project? Have you experienced some enlightenment delivered by Bob for example? Well, I did. It cost me only all my daily portion of energy. If you witnessed such a behavior, please share it with us on telegram.

 We are moving forward to finally start using the computing power and all the process that we have been going through only made us stronger. Please be patient a little longer, we will deliver more information about the actual state of Project Kelta.

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