15.8.2018 16:39 GMT+2
Category: NEWS

Network mining testing group !

We are almost there! Kelta is putting together a group of investors to start beta testing the network mining with their own accounts and Kelta Tokens

 This process will be interesting to watch since we do not know any other platform like Kelta computing power application. Finally there will be an action that will demonstrate the beauty and true potential of the Kelta Utility Token. 

 There are several steps that are needed in order to start using the network mining. First you need to send your Kelta tokens to your Kelta wallet. After receiving your tokens you will need to setup your mining plan on your own account. After saving your settings you must wait for the application to start using your tokens for mining.
 You must understand that in order to make changes to your ongoing mining plan you need to pause the process. After saving the new setup the process will automatically continue. I believe that Kelta Application is very beautifully designed as well as easy to operate and therefore it will only be question of minutes to get used to it completely.

 Our CEO George Mac is very happy to see the amount of applications that we have already received. I know that he is the one that will personally choose the participants so I tried to get in there and sent one for me as well…

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