18.10.2018 10:58 GMT+2
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 We go together

 We do get a lot of questions regarding your network mining setup over the last weeks and we decided to address this request in a less automated way.

 We do not want Kelta to behave as a motionless product, that is always preset in one default setting that can be forgotten because there is no reason to change it over time. Our team is always in production of new implementations as well as innovations that might be able to move our product forward in a more productive or efficient way. There is a very deep unexplored space in this very young world of block chain technology and that is why we always need to try new methods and ways with new coins and services. This is exactly why our never resting team of developers works seven days a week to learn the new paths in the shortest time period possible. We can only learn more by trying new things and that is why we are always listening to your feedback, ideas and requests very carefully.

 We are activating new service that will always notify you about the most optimal network mining setup via e-mail given there is a signal interesting enough to bring it to your attention. The change will not be automated, because we do not think of that approach as the best. Imagine Kelta community as a living organism that consists of experienced as well as inexperienced members. The point is that we will always try to keep you inside the amazing Crypto space rather than making Kelta a sort of "silent application".

Secondly, there is an option to activate mining of the Kelta's forth Cryptocurrency BitcoinCash, that has surprised us with very satisfying numbers. I would love to mention the fact that the surprise is not due to the market development as it is a work of our brilliant team of developers again. Kelta created a new custom technology that was created under our roof solely for this purpose. In this phase I can only unveil the fact that it is a second generation of this technology and the idea to advance it began by disabling the ability of asics to mine BitcoinCash. This might be one of the more interesting loopholes that our team managed to find. Try for yourself and tell us what is your point of view on this one..

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