15.8.2019 21:33 GMT+2
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"Mini Black Friday" Special Offer

As Ethereum follows bears, KELTA is watching closely and treats you with a 24 hour special offer.

Ethereum is a triple point asset that is capital, currency and transformable asset like oil. While many of us breathe this Cryptocurrency not everyone has the time to stay connected to the development and news in general. It is very safe to say that we are going to see some interesting changes as Ethereum approaches the proof of stake consensus mechanism that is about to start somewhere around October with the Ethereum’s beacon chain contract. This leaves investors in the state of maximum excitement.

All the experienced KELTA members know that profitability is on the both ways of the ETH market direction.

KELTA is feeling very strong and we decided to demonstrate the true efficiency through opening a little opportunity window for all the members.

As Ethereum follows bears, KELTA is watching closely and treats you with a “Mini Black Friday” 24 hour special offer.

Boost your mining power with a 100% Bonus Tokens!

The special offer is valid only during the Friday, August 16th, 2019.

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