17.9.2019 17:39 GMT+2
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Mining Setup Blueprint

Always trying to stay ahead of the mining efficiency curve, but you simply have no time nor the desire to do the research?

Look no more, KELTA Mining App will be implementing a tool that will simplify the process of “tuning up” your own preferable mining setup. We have tested several options and the simplest one has shown to be the most wanted and easily enjoyed one. You can take for granted that it works as well as it is easy to start using.

Your own KELTA Mining Experience is always determined by the “serious character” of your interest in creating a solid passive income with some very interesting Return Of Investment and stability. With this being said, it comes as no surprise that the “Blueprint” for the most efficient Cryptocurrency mining setting will be only available to the members with the true demand for excellency and comfort.

We are in the middle of the 1st Anniversary of the KELTA Mining Celebration and we could not resist not to inform you that not only the “Blueprint” is finally being added to the available toolkit, but KELTA is about to receive an upgrade that finally brings the Mining App to the more pleasing speed. This seems to be only the minor “issue” , but it took some time to create a quicker and more suitable environment for the workload of the App given the nature of the Blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news about the whole new KELTA Academy Program, that will bring you closer to the whole KELTA Mining experience and learn you how to start working on your own passive income from the very beginning of the first steps.

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