18.7.2018 17:31 GMT+2
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Kelta Mining Is finally here !

 Kelta is going to initiate the mining on Wednesday, August 1, 2018. We are very well aware of the fact that majority of our investors waited patiently and we are very thankful for this approach. Kelta released some of the reserve tokens in order to compensate for the long waiting time. This special offer is limited only with the amount that has been released and it is doubled in terms of value that you get for your payment. Simply put you will get 200% for your purchase. This offer is available only for the investors that already obtained Kelta Tokens during KELTA ICO.

 We get a lot of attention about the upcoming exchange update as well. We are in negotiations with multiple  exchange providers and there is going to be an exchange directly on our platform. Only thing we know for sure is that Kelta exchange will be operating as first and will be primarily used at least for the early stage of mining.

 Airdrop Tokens are finally starting to get their value through the system of 1:1 purchase ratio. I personally love the fact that airdrop members started to activate their Bonus Tokens the second this option became active. Some minor group of Airdrop members still disapprove of this system, but that had to be expected by everyone. This system has been proven to function perfectly and therefore there is no need to change it. Bonus Tokens have their value activated by this purchase system and therefore can be used for mining or other purposes as well.
 Please be aware of the fact that Bonus tokens are set to expire on Monday, 1st of November, 2018.

 We get a lot of requests to share some more information about our computing technology setup. Please understand that we do not intend to show any of our technological advantage to anyone. 
Kelta is operating with high-end technology only and that is exactly the reason why we have to stay sharp and always update our security on all possible fronts. This is very delicate matter for us, since this is exactly the foundation that our project is built on.

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