17.9.2018 17:37 GMT+2
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Mining Application update!

Network mining is coming live on the Kelta computing power mobile application.

 I believe that we are all waiting for the same thing. To have our investment under control and accessible wherever we go, whenever we want to. Kelta computing power mobile application is here to deliver the mining experience in combination with exchange platform that will be always by your side. That is why Kelta mobile application is available for download on App Store as well as on Google Play.

 Have you ever thought about the technological overlap that is being brought up by project Kelta right now? Just try to focus on a simple fact about the Kelta itself for a second. The blockchain technology is still new to the most of us, but the rest with the experience is already used to blockchain being paired with mining or exchange. I think that having a Kelta utility token mining in blockchain and at the same time being used for exchange purposes that is something completely different, do you not agree with me?

 Kelta is all about the newest applicable technology in every available aspect. That is the main reason why we simply can not always guarantee on time delivery, but there is always a positive side to that. Once we have all the technology "on set and running" there is little to no room for a better setup. This way I would like to ask you to have a little more patience with the services that are just starting to be online.

Network mining on Kelta mobile application is set to start on Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

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