3.2.2021 08:46 GMT+1
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In recent weeks, we have witnessed unusual and unexpected developments in the cryptocurrency markets, as well as changes in the processes within the Blockchain networks. 

Among other things, there was also a significant discrepancy between the movement of market prices and fees for transactions processing in the crypto environment.

KELTA therefore must respond to the current situation with appropriate adjustments and adaptations that require new technical and technological interventions, programming solutions, settings, and updates.

All the changes that KELTA is currently working on will lead to a comprehensive transformation of processes, stabilization of systems and reduction of their burden, clear and transparent definition of conditions and subsequent settlement of pending transactions to the benefit of all parties involved.

The new KELTA App update brings several significant changes. The primary currency for settlement of transactions becomes the stablecoin Tether (USDT). It will therefore be possible to make deposits and withdrawals in this currency as well, convert it into KLT tokens, and even weekly payouts will be settled in USDT.

Another innovation is the update of the KELTA App Activity module. From now on it will serve as a tool enabling users to obtain a discount on maintenance fees up to 50%, depending on the fulfillment of defined conditions.

Finally, there will be a change in KLT tokens distribution existing accounts will change.

All changes and modifications, including the updated wording of the General Business Terms and Conditions, come into force on 01.02.2021.

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