19.4.2018 17:11 GMT+2

KELTA’S Recent Token Boost

It’s finally here! As a way to add more value for its customers, KELTA has decided to accept up to 48,000 ICOS tokens.

The partnership of KELTA and ICOBox has ended. During this period, there was a pre-sale of over 24,000 ICOS tokens, originally from the partnership. All the ICO tokens holders who took part in the voting were required to exchange their ICOS tokens for KLT tokens during the official launch of KELTA’s ICO that began in April.

George Mac, the CEO of KELTA, has announced that despite the termination of the partnership with ICOBox, KELTA will still deliver on its promises to the members who voted. All clients originally from ICOBox who were ICOS token holders will have a chance to use their tokens as initially intended and exchange them for KLT tokens.

As the ICO token holders received the initial stipulated benefits from ICOBox, the actual exchange of their ICOS tokens for KLT tokens will be processed as a general sale rather than a pre-sale. This means that members who joined KELTA early will not lose their tokens with the new token boost.

This allowance gives them the chance to enjoy benefits such as renting KLT tokens to other platform users for a six per cent rental reward per year. This will be available seven days after the end of the ICO and members will only gain access to these tokens once the construction phase of the data center is complete. KELTA guarantees that the payment will be made proportionate to the amount rented by each member. Original members can also access the network mining system on KELTA, which is a more efficient alternative data center for cryptocurrency mining.

On the last day of each month, members can mine Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, or Pascal from the KELTA platform, with a generous reward ranging from 6 to 8 per cent. KELTA ensures that the process is effective, with minimal maintenance and electricity costs compared to its competitors in the market.

KELTA also ensures that the number of tokens owned by members is public, and any transfers made can be tracked in real time. Even with the recent developments in tokens, only Ethereum users can be token holders or assume the role of token holder. It is also worth noting that there are no shared tokens, so each belongs to a single owner or user. Those who wish to transfer tokens to other users hold the right to transfer, so there can be no token transfers initiated by another user.

That said, ICOS token holders can now enjoy the benefits that comes with exchange of their ICOS token for KLT.

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George Mac
George Mac
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