27.9.2018 14:10 GMT+2

Kelta Network Mining is ACTIVE

 Kelta computing power application update and network mining are in a very good shape. We are almost done with the first phase of delivery.

 We know that you are all waiting for the big Kelta computing power application update to finally have your well adjusted mining machine always with you. Even we are very excited to see this wheel spinning. The idea to have your passive income always within your hands reach, the option to adjust it "on the move" is right here, right now. I see the most interesting benefit in the non existent responsibility to update, maintain or service your computing device and the power supply that comes with it. Enough of this, it only makes me drool.

 I want to inform you all that Kelta network mining is active and you will be soon able to adjust it on your own mobile device. The network mining is now set by default to mine ETH and the payouts are pre-set to be sent weekly every Monday to your ETH balance on your Kelta account. The ETH withdraw and Kelta exchange are still being optimized and because of this I would like to ask you to be patient a little longer. We will be updating our services and platform very often for the next few weeks and I believe you all will like the upcoming news.

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