9.3.2020 11:57 GMT+1
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KELTA - March Update 2.1.4

As of March, we made a couple of improvements to your favourite cryptocurrency mining tool, KELTA.

The following changes are coming with the newest actualization of our app:

#1 Automatic WITHDRAW function. With the possibility of pre-setting an amount of ETH in payout (e.g. 3 ETH), KELTA will automatically send the amount to your ETH address, to your ETH wallet.

#2 Clearer outlook of the EXCHANGE section, with upgraded screen settings of tokens. This function will also help with easier exchange of KLT tokens to ETH.

#3 Registration of company on the KELTA App. This new option brings an opportunity for you to register any company in KELTA and work in KELTA via a company representative.

#4 Export of a selected transaction (e.g. DEPOSIT, PAYOUT, etc.) in the TRANSACTION section.

#5 iPad version for the KELTA App. You can now download an iPad version from App Store and Google Play.

Optimization of effectivity and improving quality is the main goal of all the changes that KELTA creates and implements.

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