24.1.2020 10:25 GMT+1
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Kelta Mining App

First month of this year and we are already making improvements to your favourite cryptocurrency mining tool.

There is no such a thing as coming late to the party for KELTA when it comes to “Blockchain” technology development. Let me tell you what are the changes that are being installed with the latest update.

KELTA App gets an optimized transaction overview, where users can now search thetransactions classified by type and time. The history of transactions should be now much clearer. The simplified overview of the KELTA tokens in the BALANCE section will serve the same purpose as well. Not everything is about the simplification, more transparent and easier navigation is here to improve the functionality of the app.

A lot of members have been asking about the account’s dual currency visualisation, which is only a cosmetic change for some, but we consider it a standard. Therefore, all account balances are now additionally displayed in the fiat currency of your own choice.

Kelta has a lot of influential leaders that are making some serious mining numbers. These numbers are always being pushed by a continuous hard work, the kind of work that we would like to make a bit easier for all of you. After the installation of the latest update of the Kelta App, you will be able to export an affiliate partner file. This brings up the speed of the process of supporting your partners, this could only improve their own experience. It means a higher chance for the incoming investments, which boost your own personal income through the affiliate reward system.

Optimized efficiency and overall quality are the main goals for all of the changes that are being currently implemented and developed by KELTA.

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