6.6.2018 13:48 GMT+2
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Kelta is in a mood for a new dresscode

As we are approaching the new phase of our crypto journey we would love to share with you some facts on the go.

We just recently finished our verification process for all of the KELTA Bounty and Referral program tokens that means including the Airdrop. Following the verification process we successfully distributed all of the tokens for our bounty,referral and airdrop members. 

Our focus is now fully turned on the installation and perfection of our execution. We are trying to avoid all the possible bumps on the road to the KELTA Roadmap goals. 

We are also very proud to announce that our ICO was succesfull in such a scale that we already begun with the preparations of opening some space for our members to expand their portfolio in KELTA. In order to move on and show that we are not only an successfull ICO we are prepairing a whole new dress for our KELTA website

Bear with us on our joint crypto journey and we will all progress to our successful future together.

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George Mac
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