22.5.2018 20:11 GMT+2
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KELTA ICO finished with great success.

With a never ending flow of new projects and ICOs coming up every day it’s difficult to figure out, which ones are bound to be successful and trustworthy.

The highly competitive environment of the crypto sphere can be overwhelming for many of those, draining the essential resources before any major steps can be taken. The ICO scene offers no shortage of competition, and that is where KELTA shines.

KELTA ICO has seen a roaring success, achieving a successful sale within the exact time limit of 7 weeks. By the end of the main sale we’ve raised more than 36 mln. USD!

A soft cap has been reached in a single week, which shows us that our benefactors know we can be trusted. KELTA has proven to be a formidable project, ensuring the promised benefits for scientific researchers, scholars, and cryptocurrency miners are delivered.

KELTA clients are going to be able to enjoy the full benefits of their token ownership very soon. As we prepare for the token distribution taking part in 7 days, we would like to remind you that our utility tokens can be sold via our app, which provides easier access to our computing powers. Not only can you enjoy full management of your chosen operations, but also sell the tokens as you see fit, everything in one place! All the tokens are going to be distributed by May 29.

The first 2MW of the data center computing capacity are going to become available on July 11. In case you have already bought KELTA tokens, you are in a good spot: our token holders are the first in line for receiving the computing capacities respective to their token amount. Security is one of KELTA’s key traits, that is why all the token holders are going to have to verify their personal data to in order to get the distribution started.

But that is not the end of it, of course! Further increases in capacity are going to be seen through by our team exactly as stated in our roadmap, delivering additional 3MW by July 30th 2018, and final 5MW by August 28th 2018. Our plans coming to fruition is truly a sight to see, and we are happy we can push the project development even further. If you are an aspiring scientific researcher, a scholar, or a crypto miner, KELTA data center is a great tool to help you reach for the stars! Stay tuned!  

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