25.5.2018 13:15 GMT+2
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KELTA - Final verification for TOKEN distribution !

KELTA TOKENS are finally here. We all know that time is money and we put yours on our top priority. KELTA wants you to have tokens in your posession as soon as they are sent.

That is why we need to ask you for one last time to verify your ethereum wallet. We really do not want the TOKENS to get lost right on their very first trip.

Please use the link below to ensure that the KELTA TOKENS will get to you safely and without any complication. The sooner you verify your wallet the sooner you will get them.Token distribution is estimated to end on MAY 28th, 2018.

Thank you for entrusting your investition and time into KELTA.


In case of any further questions feel free to contact our support@kelta.com and dont worry KELTA TOKENS cannot get lost

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