13.4.2018 08:27 GMT+2

Kelta Extended it’s Token Sale 

The KLT token sale is still on. Initially, the tokens were to be available for 36 days, from March 26 to April 30, 2018, with a general token sale on April 2, 2018.

But we have extended the token sales to May 21, 2018, making them available for sale for 64 days. During this period, we intend to launch the project construction 2MW facility scheduled for June 11. Similarly, we want to ensure that we issue the maximum number of tokens or watts to our members. The maximum number of tokens issued will be 12, 500,000 KLT, with a soft cap of 2,000,000 KLT tokens and a hard cap of 10,000,000 tokens.

The token price is set to increase every two weeks during the token sale period.

The price distribution is as follows:

Pre-sale       0.00495 ETH

Weeks 1-2   0.00565 ETH

Weeks 3-4   0.00595 ETH

Weeks 5-6   0.00625 ETH

Weeks 7      0.00655 ETH

Many users will find the KELTA platform valuable for testing new cryptocurrencies. For that reason, we anticipate new entrants into the market with suspicious credentials and projects with no underlying value. Poorly written white papers on low-priced cryptocurrencies may discourage investors. Therefore, we plan to use our expertise in this market and especially in the issuance of tokens to ensure that our members receive value for every token they purchase. As such, we have extended the token sale period precisely to fit our users’ needs.

Shorter pre-sale periods are a way to guarantee that investors can get their tokens faster. However, we want to ensure that the maximum number of watts are issued within 64 days, which is enough time to issue all 12,500,000 KLT tokens.

More than five weeks of sale time is effective and grants us an advantage in our marketing strategies. In this regard, we will have time to adjust our PR marketing based on the outcome of the token pre-sale to make it more effective.

Member can access their accounts via the platform or the mobile app, but they must go through the two-factor authentication process for protection against unauthorized access. It is important to note that the token price is determined by the trading volume and other factors, such as the success of the project, and since we, as a functional data center and cryptocurrency-mining company, are committed to delivering, with our track record of regular profits, members can trade comfortably without fear of price falls.

With the new token sales extension, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t purchase more KLT tokens.

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