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“Kelta Café‘‘ the future of business for Crypto meetings

The online world of Crypto is becoming more and more real every day. Among the first ones to come is Kraken, with their first bank and now Kelta, with a unique concept of Crypto business cafes.

Kelta is an innovator in the world of Crypto. Located strategically in the heart of Europe in Slovakia.

Kelta is the first multi-cryptocurrency mining platform in the market. Allowing users to experience and use the company’s data centers mining up to four different cryptocurrencies simultaneously, generating a stable passive income of up to 135%.

This system offers all the benefits of crypto mining without any maintenance costs. Kelta currently boasts over 6,500 users, who have collectively mined over 100,000 ETH since 2017.

The idea to build a Kelta café originated quite naturally from business negotiations and conversations with clients. George Mac CEO of the Kelta Cube ltd is behind this great idea. 

“People like to meet, discuss investments and listen to news in an environment of crypto“.

Kelta café is the perfect connection between coffee and investments in a safe and productive environment. Kelta‘s plan is to build up luxury business cafes in strategic European cities where professionals can sit to talk about crypto-business while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The first location for a Kelta cafe will be in Bratislava, with the advantage of being in close proximity to an ATM. The next step will be Kelta cafe in Prague, and later on into other main European cities.

The new ATMs will be able to support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash, and it will accept payments in euros. In fact, there is a machine already installed in an exclusive yet easily accessible location near the Danube river: the River Park multifunction center, home to a 5-star Kempinski hotel, luxury flats, restaurants, and shopping venues.

The ATM is available 24/7 and accepts all major types of credit and debit cards. Unlike most other Bitcoin ATMs, KELTA’s machine has a maximum purchase limit of 5,000 EUR per transaction. ATMs are located in discreet and secure zones to promote privacy when conducting transactions.

Kelta cafe will be a safe professional environment with a unique design, with the main goal to educate and help those professionals who are interested in topics such as blockchain transfers, monetization, and other cryptocurrency related topics.

“A quick business meeting where you can discuss the news from the Crypto world with your clients in luxurious and discreet atmosphere - this is the future of the KELTA Cafe.“ - George Mac

Quality and reliable information/education are fundamental for any existing and potential investors. These are the main concepts that gives Kelta an advantage in the market.

Kelta is currency working in the preparation of multiple podcasts for starters in crypto. So no one is out of the picture, and these podcasts will be in different language options as well.

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