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KELTA - As close to guaranteed as it gets in Crypto

If there is one thing that the world has learned about cryptocurrency over the last year it is that it is relatively unstable. But stable growth can come from unstable markets if it is managed correctly.

Let me give you an example.

In the late 1840s reports reached the East Coast of the United States that gold had been found out in California. Not just some gold. Lot’s of a gold. The stories started to pour in, tall tales of motherloads and skull sized nuggets just lying on the ground just waiting to make some lucky bloke rich beyond his wildest dreams.

Like any tale involving wealth, these stories grew with each retelling - and considering the thousands of miles between the supposedly gold-rich West Coast and the people-rich East Coast, these stories has lots of time to grow.

Well, when the stories broke in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York, thousands and thousands of young men followed in the footsteps of their not-so-recent ancestors: they sold their belonging and headed off into the great unknown in search of wealth and glory… oftentimes dragging an unhappy wife along with them.

Naturally they arrived, normally by boats that had to go all the way around South America (the Panama canal was yet unbuilt), and they found many like minded folks searching for a surprisingly small amount of gold. The vast majority of these men did not strike gold, but were rather left in an even more precarious position than they were in before their departure.

But some men made a lot of money, attaining the kind of intergenerational wealth that had lured the newly minted miners here in the first place. More than a few intelligent men realized that there was a steady stream of men with their pockets full of cash looking to become rich in mining (remember most had sold all their belongings back home).

But these men needed work clothes, pickaxes, assays, lodging, and, many having failed to convince their wives to come, or being single from the start, female companionship. Those that provided these tools and services to the miners found a veritable gold mine.

The moral is simple. When there is a rush or intense growth in one area, the surest way to make money is to provide the basic services needed to profit off of that rush or growth.

As Levi filled a crucial need for the miners of yesteryear, so does KELTA for the miners of today.

Today’s miners haven’t the need for pickaxes, jeans, lodging, etc. but they do need computer capacity. And KELTA is here to provide them with top-of-the-line mining services. Access to this service is available through KELTA’s token, KLT. So, as is the rule for ICOs, the more demand that exists for the service, the greater the expected value of the token used to access it.

And since KELTA’s mining services work with any coin on the market, then its stands to gain from any growth in the cryptocurrency space. And if there is one thing pretty much everyone can agree on, it’s that cryptocurrency is going to continue expanding. Even if certain coins are going to rise and fall.

KELTA isn’t even just limited to cryptocurrency, its services can also be used to host game servers and be used for scientific research. The need for computing capacity has only been growing and KELTA will be able to tap into all of that growth.

KELTA lets you profit from the cryptocurrency boom, while massively minimizing your risk.

And if there is one thing that we have learned from the Gold Rush of 1849, it’s better to be selling the pickaxes than speculating on mines.

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Helen Fischer
Helen Fischer