1.5.2019 12:15 GMT+2
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KELTA App & Affiliate

Long time awaited feature is finally here, open your mobile app and see for yourself.

Whether you are a veteran or completely new to KELTA, it surely makes no difference when it comes to our Affiliate platform. Mobile and desktop application have both been updated to make your experience closer to the one desired.

The uniqueness of the Blockchain technology opens up the space for major as well as minor investments. You can start receiving two different types of income by making your Affiliate program grow in numbers.

The first one is the Active Reward that is exactly 15% of the raw amount invested by your affiliate member. It goes without saying, that the system pairs the transaction to your personal account and automatically sends the reward to your personal account. This is an automated process created “in the house,” thanks to our innovative dev team.

The second one is the Passive Reward and this one represents 5% of the Monday Payout of your Affiliate member. Cryptocurrency mining is very unique and opens up the space for this very interesting passive income system.

In your updated app you will find the Affiliate program section, where you will find all of your affiliate members and the details regarding your Rewards.

The ultimate tool for making your passive and active income grow are the contact informations of your members, which are only available to you. This way you can contact them, help them, tell them about the special offer and collect the reward for being there for your members. We believe in personal contact as the best way to keep the healthy and friendly spirit of KELTA universe.

Let’s grow together!

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