25.9.2018 15:04 GMT+2

Kelta telegram ?!?

 Let us talk about Kelta's telegram channel a little bit.

 It might have been interesting at the beginning, but now all we can see is the negative side of having an active telegram channel. The telegram Kelta community shifted after airdrop distribution to some sort of pre-support group. It is right here that we have started to encounter an issue that is the most impactful one from my point of view. I am talking about the member's identity, how could anyone support you without knowing your identity? How can you discuss your account details with an admin that does not know who you are or which account is truly yours? The second issue that is very hard to avoid are the scammers that are always present and looking for a way into your wallet? How many times did someone try to get your personal data or asked you to send him cryptocurrency for some "better" price?

 This rabbit hole goes even deeper, but I think we all know the picture. One of the most annoying thing, that has been always present on the channel are the people that are deliberately trying to persuade people that your project is not going anywhere. Guess what? Waiting was the only thing you really needed to do in order to see Kelta go LIVE. We have already decided to limit the telegram communication to Kelta announcement articles to view only.
If you are having an issue related to Kelta or your account, please feel free to contact our support@kelta.com team.

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