7.1.2019 08:33 GMT+1
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Kelta affiliate program

Are you highly interested in making money with crypto? Kelta affiliate program is providing you with 15% revenue, join us and help us grow faster!

I have already mentioned that KELTA team is working on the new affiliate platform that will be providing you with all the necessary tools to know exactly how strong is your affiliate “firepower”.
 Nevertheless the referral link is already working and we are very happy to see that the numbers are already growing. Until the new platform is completed, we will continue to send you your related data through e-mail.

KELTA application has already reached 10000+ downloads and is available to you on AppStore and Google Play. I wonder what will happen to these after we have started to use the new affiliate platform on KELTA website. This year is already very promising and I am looking forward to see all the improvements that KELTA has been preparing for us.

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