27.11.2018 08:30 GMT+1
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Faster & Stronger KELTA

 While still being a relatively very young, Kelta has showcased and proved her ambitions already enough times to build up certain confidence. This is going to be reflected in much quicker reaction time..

 Making a decision and walking its path is always a very different story. This is something that we all already know, but not all of us has been tested in the fields of developing an ambitious project in the cryptocurrency universe that our precious KELTA is indeed. 

 Where do we stand currently? This answer differs every day, but for now our main focus remains on building up our application. We are satisfied enough with the overall design, at least the most of it, for now. But this is not our focus right now. We are focusing all of our "firepower" into making our services run smoothly and if possible faster. We hear all of your concerns regarding the actual speed of the transactions and you can bet, that we are working on it.

 I would like to explain what I have meant by saying that KELTA is turning up the pace of decisions. We have noticed a significant growth of members in the last weeks and the last days to be specific. Cryptocurrency world is very fast and very punishing to those that do not follow up with quick reactions to its signals. We have already learned this lesson here and that is why we are changing the cost of buying the utility token to 0.0175 Ethereum. Given the current state of higher demand for KELTA, I know that you already saw this coming and only anticipated the new price. Lets all see what the future of Crypto business has prepared for us this winter.

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