30.3.2019 12:12 GMT+1
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Keeping up with KELTA

KELTA promised a lot of changes for this year to come, let’s take a quick look at the first big wave of changes.

Blockchain technology is very dynamic in terms of quick changes and development, and therefore it is no surprise, that projects like KELTA, that are built on this technological marvel must keep up with this speed of light. Nobody follows you for being rusty and lazy, right? I believe, that these changes are the exact opposite and they will keep KELTA fresh and more than just “Up to Date”.

The whole website is redesigned, to better accommodate all of the members. This is not just another visual upgrade, we are talking about the new functions. KELTA profit calculator will show you the current strength of the computing power that our tokens represent, so you will have more tools to compare, this is especially handy if you are new to KELTA. You will find the new web more direct and more open, testimonial section with short video comments from the real members of the KELTA community is without a doubt the testament of being truly honest and open to all of our members and newcomers.

Another great news is the YouTube and the Instagram channel, both of these are being revamped with new and more interesting and more relative content, that will drag you into the cryptocurrency investing environment as well as tell you more about the benefits of investing in the KELTA computing power. Stay tuned to our news sections and we will do our best to keep you informed about the latest of the happenings.

Let us all together enter the next blockchain era, and enjoy the success, that is only a logical outcome of the future for this decentralized technology marvel.

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