7.9.2018 11:10 GMT+2
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In comfort and style!

We invite you all to the Kelta computing power facility! We worked hard on achieving the benefits and competitive advantages that are needed to success in crypto business. Now is the time for you to start using them.

 In case you just noticed Kelta and you also look for more information in this section, let me start with some basics. In present the most preferred way of using the computing power is the network mining. The popularity of mining cryptocurrencies and crypto market itself is still growing rapidly. Throughout the process of Kelta creation we have met with a lot of investors, some of them joined our project. Some others tried to walk their own way to start mining. The difference in success rate is always in experience with all the different types of difficulties and obstacles. We have been paying very close attention to every little bump that came across the road and that is why we are able to offer you the most comfortable way of having a passive cryptocurrency income.

 You do not have to buy and set up your own mining hardware. You also do not have to pay attention to maintenance of your hardware or wasting time thinking about software updates or programming it. All you need is to get your Kelta utility token that provides you with access to Kelta state of the art computing power facility. Every token represents exactly 1Watt of Kelta computing power. You can choose and change your computing power setup whenever and wherever you like to. Why bother with the room temperature and humidity or even take care of dust and micro particles that would harm your hardware when you can have it all in perfect condition and always present with you in your own mobile phone?

Can you imagine a more comfortable way? I surely do not.

 We started to best our computing setup almost three years ago and now we invite you to join us on our journey to harvest passive income of cryptocurrency market.

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