13.9.2019 14:44 GMT+2
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Happy 1st Anniversary

We are happy to have you celebrating the 1st Anniversary of KELTA Cryptocurrency Mining with us!

The 1st year of the existence of the KELTA Cryptocurrency mining App, which controls the computing power of the Datacenter technology was a very successful start for the very promising project. We can now objectively say that the journey has only begun, since the Blockchain technology has never stopped the “high speed” development. This marvelous decentralized technology is becoming more and more integrated, even in the sectors that we would never guessed before. As always technology brings its perks as well as the little bumps that are here to test our patience from time to time.

KELTA was working hard throughout the whole year and the information load has grown bigger, making it a little bit harder for the “fresh” members to comprehend the whole project. The idea of creating and maintaining the passive income is becoming more and more comfortable and our focus is already pointed towards the technology and energy consumption. I am not saying that KELTA is here to save all the rainforests, but there is still much that we can do to treat our planet better, as she most definitely deserves, right?

We cherish all of our active members, and we have decided to make the Anniversary gift a little bit more special for this time. KELTA has given you the option to decide for yourself the ideal amount of GIFT tokens, that you would like to receive and activate. Let us see the real potential of your cryptocurrency mining with the KELTA computing power.

The special offer consists of the custom amount of GIFT tokens for every member individually and they are preset to expire after 7 days. These tokens are meant to boost your computing power and take the efficiency of your own investment even higher.

Happy 1st Anniversary to all the KELTA Members !

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