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Get To Know Kelta without registration!

 Are you completely new to cryptocurrency and network mining? Are you looking for a modern take on passive income?

 Try out our LIVE DEMO account with real numbers in real time. If you consider cryptocurrency universe as an option for building your own passive income you have come to the right place. Our demo account is here to show you how easy and simple it is to do so with Kelta. To log into the demo account simply log in with the following details. [Login: demo , Password: demo]. Its as easy as that. For this you do not even need to register.

 You can find your Kelta computing power application on www.kelta.com and use the desktop version. Inside the application you will be able to decide how to use your Kelta tokens, setup your own network mining or use the Kelta exchange if you decide to reduce or increase your token volume. The main benefit of this application is that you can adjust your own setup "on the move" comfortably on your mobile device.

 What if I told you that the money that you carry on you or have in your possession for a limited time can serve you as a form of passive income until you withdraw them? Yes, it is this simple. You can even use a cryptocurrency ATM to load your personal Kelta account and simply activate the tokens for the mining. Do not waste your time or money anymore, start building your passive income today!

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