11.6.2019 10:46 GMT+2
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Fighting the costs

It was a rush week for KELTA datacenter..

All the Maintenance upgrade works are finally done, and we can report the successful results. Let’s just go through the facts.

The electricity cost remains the same 21.96$ for kW/month, that is not going to change for now. The only way to change this constant is to keep on growing KELTA. With that being said, we can now move to where it begins to be a little more interesting.

Maintenance costs received a major investment that significantly reduced the costs. We went from the previous 138.17$ for kW/month to a most beautiful 69.09$ for kW/month. This cuts your monthly total cost for kW from 160,13$ to a more attractive 91.05$. The only thing I could say about this remarkable achievement is, “Money well spent”.

The total cost of electricity and maintenance is already below the levels of the family households and we are certainly not done with making the “adjustments”.

Kelta has already entered the market with great values, and has still promised to pull through the barriers of evolving the total costs and efficiency. This is the most viable proof of KELTA heading towards a better future.

Our team is now focusing to maintain the achieved great value costs while implementing so called “greener” options to our facility. It is in our greatest interest to protect the nature and help our planet to recover from the damage it has already taken..

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