18.5.2019 12:16 GMT+2
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Ethereum swings

Up and down it goes, of course we are talking about the ETH price chart..

 Cryptocurrency nature contains the tendency to hit major swings in short time periods and this is one of the main factors that are causing the always present miners reward volume changes. Rather than going through the most of the “majors” let’s just talk briefly about the general logic behind it.

It is very easy to see the attraction based movement of all the miners that are present while their desired cryptocurrency is doing “well” and on the other hand disappearing the moment it gets “worse”. The funny thing is that this does not change the fact that the work for the miners is still there and the only thing this really does change is the reward split. This is the simplest way to explain, the existence of the ever changing constants in the KELTA Network Mining Application.

Another Strong constant that moves the whole chain of transactions is the Current Gas price, which is the transaction fee. It is very common to see that even the largest of the Ethereum business systems are often put on hold while the price is too high. This means fewer transactions and thus it is less work for our miners. As I have mentioned, there is a lot more into this, but we are not going to discuss the whole picture here. The reason why you are reading this is to simply understand the KELTA App a little bit more, if you have desired to do so.

 As you already know, you have more than just one Cryptocurrency to choose from and these price “swings” are often a very good reason to check your current mining setup. We are still in the process of bringing more Cryptocurrencies for you to mine, the most recent one being the Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This option is available for you to try in the first weeks without being in the KELTA Premium Club. We are already testing hardware for a fifth option, but we will talk about this later.. 

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