27.2.2019 22:56 GMT+1
Category: NEWS

Ethereum 2.0

Long awaited Ethereum 2.0 fork is just behind the corner and we could not get more excited to see the upcoming performance of this well known cryptocurrency.

There are several design goals, such as improving security, decentralization, resilience, simplicity, longevity,these updates all together creates ethereum 2.0. 

 One of the often mentioned and awaited changes is surely the reducing of the “blocktimes” in many factors through using the “sharding”, that means basically splitting one block into multiple sectors, and therefore speeding up the process. You can also imagine this as recalibration of the blocks for the optimal setup through connecting the users and transactions that might exist on different blocks.

 It can only be assumed, that the ethereum 2.0 developing teams keep holding on their optimistic point of view, and there is enough of the ethereum foundation money, that has been raised after the ICO. After all we can see the price matters, since there is no doubt of the positive and passionate nature of the ethereum developing teams, especially the implementation team, given their nature of work and that is a great sign. How many projects, especially in the Cryptocurrency universe can you name, that are being filled with optimistic environment inside of it?

 With all above being said, I simply wanted to remind you all of this upcoming big fork, that will move the ethereum to a new phase. I believe this change will greatly affect the performance of the ethereum itself.


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