24.9.2018 11:18 GMT+2

Enough is enough...

 It is only a shame that some "members" do not seem to understand the core of this project.

 Kelta tokens have been designed as utility tokens and they are a living proof of how useful this type of token is in today's modern projects. To further get into the issue of some members that are continuously misunderstanding the main purpose of this project, let me simply point to the fact that the one and only main purpose of Kelta is using your computing power. Our secondary services like exchange are also present but they are being started as fresh as you can see. We are always looking for your feedback, but please give us time to reflect on it. This is not a matter of minutes or hours..

 The project just went online few days ago, it means that there is a lot of space for issues and their corrections, right? That is exactly where our community starts to crumble every time. You need to understand that we are working with technologies that are not always that easy to put back into the right functioning state, it simply means that sometimes the technology needs more time to work exactly as we need. The most interesting fact is that people that really invested their time and researched into the Kelta project have always been supportive while members that gained their tokens as bonus do the exact opposite all the time.

 Kelta's core functionality is delivering a Computing power, all other services are SECONDARY. In light of this, can you tell me how can you use Kelta's computing power if you sell all of your tokens? There are several systems that will not allow you to exchange or sell all of your Kelta utility tokens, for example all daily withdraws together can not exceed the total daily mining reward of all Kelta members. This is surely just stating the obvious fact that kelta is all about the computing power and network mining in the first place. The only action that is currently without a limit is the option to withdraw your Kelta tokens.

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