15.10.2018 16:38 GMT+2
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Don't know what to mine?

It is very nice to see the first wave of "happy members"...

 ...and believe me when I say, that we really do appreciate the positive messages that always warm our hearts.
 As you already noticed there are unfortunately still a few things that are "bugging" our minds, but that is the only way to make sure that everything is working properly as it should. Kelta has a very healthy core of members that have always been giving us only the most accurate feedback that we have always turned our focus onto.

 In light of the recent reports we have realised that a lot of our members would welcome a little bit more guidance on the network mining itself. Kelta will always try to give the most accurate mining setup advice. Would you like to receive e-mails with current optimal Network mining setup?

 Just subscribe to our newsletter at www.kelta.com and we will update you every time we notice an interesting change in our Analysis.

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