21.12.2018 13:36 GMT+1
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Christmas is here, she knows what would it be..

 We cherish Christmas holidays from the deep of our hearts..

..and we love the festive mood that is present literally everywhere during these very precious and magical days. Kelta would also love to spread the goodness and joy and she already knows what kind of presents you truly wish for. She also knows that the only kind of present that truly warms your heart is the one that is not that easy to get. That is why this time she prepared a very short time limited Christmas offer that will be served only for three days.
 So have you truly been good for the whole year?

Limited time offer is granting you 200% of your investment and it is active for you from 21st - 24th, December, 2018.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 !


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