20.1.2019 11:03 GMT+1
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Bonus tokens

Are you lost in KELTA system a little? Have no worries, we are always trying to address every one of your questions..

 I have noticed that a lot of members are asking more and more frequently about bonus tokens and their system. I believe that this higher demand for this information is due to our referral system itself. Since the information about the higher referral revenue (to 15%) and referral platform upcoming improvement KELTA has been running on its communication peak.

 Truth to be told KELTA bonus token system is fairly simple. These tokens serve doubling function for your investment until you run out. The only thing that might not be clear to everyone, especially to younger individuals in the crypto universe is this one rule. You cannot reinvest your Payouts into activating bonus tokens or buying utility tokens. You can only do so by direct purchase. Do not forget the fact that KELTA payouts are on every Monday and therefore I believe, that this is only simple logic. 

 I will try to answer your more frequently asked questions also in this section every time there is one.

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