24.6.2019 17:21 GMT+2
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“Beat the Heat” special offer!

Take a break, enjoy summer and let your extra tokens do the work for you..

There is nothing more simple than creating your own passive income with KELTA and enjoying your freedom. Especially in the upcoming months of the summer heat! And we all know there is nothing better than making a great investment right before turning everything off and disappearing into the mists of a long awaited vacation.

We understand the lust for perfect timing and the time is now!

KELTA SUMMER Special Offer is here boosting your Weekly Payouts and letting you enjoy your holiday in every corner of the world. For every KELTA Token purchased you will automatically receive one Bonus token extra free (100%)!

Do not waste your time and take advantage of the perfect investment timing and let the summer vibes take over your next months.

"Beat the Heat" special offer lasts from 25th of June to 3rd of July.

Happy Holidays !

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