10.1.2019 15:13 GMT+1
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Are you ready for Constantinople fork ?

Well, with KELTA you are always prepared for every update. We watch closely all the innovations that are just around the corner.

 This time there is a Constantinople fork incoming for the Ethereum. Fork is basically update to the network, it does split single chain of blocks into two separate chains of blocks. Maybe you already remember the slits that created ETC from ETH or BCH from BTC. For KELTA investors that are owners of Ethereum cryptocurrency it changes nothing.

 We are expecting an update that will resolve into using new software and the “end” for the previous one. The fact that you can already see major exchanges updating their nodes is only proving this theory for the moment.

 There are many updates throughout the year and not all of them are easy to predict. It is a beautiful example of one of the many benefits that KELTA mining brings into your life. You can simply enjoy your passive Crypto income without having to spend any time or thoughts, analyzing the winds in this quickly developing sector.

 Our team is always collecting and using all the valuable experience and information to keep KELTA mining sharp all the time.

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