7.11.2019 00:00 GMT+1
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All In One

Making things more comfortable and easily accessible has always been one of the fundamental principles on which project KELTA was built on.

You can now purchase the Ethereum with ease, through the KELTA website using your own credit or debit card in a fast and secure way. The only thing needed in order to start enjoying the “quick buy” option is to have the KELTA address.

This way KELTA  provides you with the safest place to buy,hold and most importantly to earn the Ethereum. The new service is available on the website only, this makes the KELTA a very unique “all in one” service provider.

Having the “all in one” place to start mining Cryptocurrency and creating your desired passive income is surprisingly not the only perk of joining the ranks of our miners.

With the KELTA registered account, you are able to buy the Ethereum for the most affordable and the lowest price on the market.

"This is only possible through the research of the Blockchain technology, that has only started to walk the way to reach its full potential."

The credit/debit card service is available from the 7th of November, 2019.

Please note, that the minimum investment for the network mining is 100 KLT tokens, which represents the computing power of 100 watts. Today it is approximately 300 EUR worth 1.75 ETH.

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