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Affiliate Platform & Ambassadors

Join now! Our blockchain family grows bigger..

KELTA Affiliate platform has already proven to many of the members as a surprisingly effective tool, not that surprising to us. It is after all intended to be the tool for maximizing the profitability of your KELTA account. It is entirely up to you, do have the power and the right skill set? There are no limits and the rules are clear.

 Have you already utilized the platform to bring you higher up the chain and “do your bidding”?

The first one is the Active Reward that is exactly 15% of the initial raw amount invested by your new affiliate member. It goes without saying, that the system pairs the transaction to your personal account and automatically sends the reward to your personal wallet address. This is an automated process.

The second one is the Passive Reward and this one represents 5% of the Monday Payout of your Affiliate member.

There are many successful members with accounts that are defined by the affiliate platform as the main source of income. Some of them even elevated the climb on the whole new level and became the regional Ambassadors of KELTA.

Are you interested in joining our Ambassadors and manage your whole country of KELTA portfolio? We will happily test your might, feel free to let us know on support@kelta.com

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