11.9.2018 10:56 GMT+2
Category: NEWS

Let's Go!

 Your Kelta account has been just updated! Do not hesitate and let's move all of your Kelta tokens today.

 We needed to prepare your previous account and transfer it into an active account. Having an active account all set up and running is what we all want. But we are currently in the phase where all of your Kelta tokens are still being located on your personal Ethereum wallet. Now is the time to start transferring your Kelta tokens to your Kelta account wallet address.

 Let me kindly remind you that for these first few weeks we will only be using Kelta website for making all of the changes and transactions. If you have Kelta bonus tokens do not forget to activate them by purchasing Kelta utility tokens in 1:1 ratio. After activation you will be able to use them for mining and exchange purposes.

 I will be following this article with more information on how to get your mining setup running.

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